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Axal Pro salt tablets are designed for all types of applications related to water softening/scaling in private homes, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, etc. Axal Pro Water Softening Tablets are manufactured from 100% Food Grade Salt ensuring exceptional quality and purity. These salt descaling tablets are composed of high purity salt produced in vacuum, dissolving easily without residues in the water, preventing calcium deposits and ensuring faultless operation of the descaler.

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Usage of Axal Pro

Application of Axal Pro

Hotels & Restaurant

AXAL PRO works effectively on not only dishes and glasses, but also stoves, sinks, and pots free of stains and streaks. Your bathrooms, fittings, wash basins, and showers will retain their shine and freshness for longer.

Clinics & Labs.

Soft water is essential for hospitals and laboratories.Soft water reduces deposits on analytical equipment, glass surfaces, and instruments, just to give a few examples.


Industry & Trades

This in turn ensures efficient, economical processes as well as high-quality results in the treatment of laundry, while at the same time it reduces detergent consumption.


Salt plays an important role in disinfecting pools. AxalPro helps in disinfecting our water, making it suitable and skin friendly.

AXAL PRO tablets are specially produced to obtain a very pure brine for regeneration of ion exchange resins in water softeners.


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